Some zombie fun!

Just a few links I have found and enjoyed all about zombies!

Plus, a quick quiz to see how long you would survive … I make it apparently a few months surprisingly!

And finally … some zombie films … *** I have not seen them all so can not say if they are good in any way*** but thought someone may want to see some of these!


World War Z

I enjoyed this book quite a bit, actually! I liked how the book was a compilation of multiple stories from people all over the world and from all walks of life. I also enjoyed the fact that the book was clearly separated into sections and gave views about more than just the actual outbreak. Reading this book has made me consider possibly reading the rest of his books as well, such as The Zombie Survival Guide.

My favourite story was the first one about the Chinese doctor who interacted with Patient Zero. I found it fascinating to think that someone who had interacted that closely with Patient Zero was still alive and able to tell the tale many years later. I would have assumed that whoever had contact with Patient Zero would not have survived, because of the close proximity to the disease when it was not known what it is.

Ahhhh *chomp* … now what?

The zombie apocalypse has started … stuck in the city, I become a zombie or “straggler”. What would I do?

Honestly, I probably would find myself in a library attempting to shelve books or at home curled up in blankets attempting to read. That or catching a bus trying to get to campus … whatever my usual daily routine that day would be, I would probably stick to it. Books are such a big part of my life that whatever I do, it would probably somehow involve books.

How long would YOU survive?

I don’t think I would survive very long as I would want to help as many people as I could. I would give food, blankets, and shelter to as many and probably more than I could feasibly protect or help. I wouldn’t want to leave anyone behind and I don’t know if I would actually be able to kill someone. If I was in the city, I think my chances of survival would be much lower than if I was out in the country somewhere. If I was in the country and didn’t have to kill people/zombies and had food and supplies to help the people who came through, I could probably survive for a while … at least until the zombies come to the country!

City or Country?

I think I would rather be in the country for several reasons: Firstly, your closest neighbours would be much further away and thus you would have a better chance of not getting bit and having time to secure your house. Secondly, there would be more visual warning if and when the zombies came. As well, you would have less competition for food and would have the land around on which food could be grown if properly secured. There is also the chance that you may have a water source such as a river or pond that you are able to get water from to survive.

In the city, you would have a much harder time escaping zombies and the virus/zombie disease would spread much faster. In addition, there would be a significant number of people to fight for supplies, which would be much more scarce as well.

Zone One Thoughts

I honestly did not finish this book. I found it extremely slow moving and boring in the beginning. I have heard that the third part of the book makes up for the rest, so maybe someday I will finish it.

I found the zombies or “stragglers” very different then my original idea of what zombies were. They didn’t attack until disturbed, so even if they had heard a sound they had not turned to it and tried to attack or get to it. The idea that they would stay and not eat each other in desperation to try and stay alive was also curious (although maybe I just didn’t read far enough into the book!).

I did enjoy the fact that, as the reader, you were clearly able to follow his path and where his memories were made. I did find an interactive map as well that made the whole journey a much more visual idea ( . I like to have visuals such as this because then it feels more realistic and I am able to place myself in the shoes of the characters easier.

Feed and Popular Culture

One thing I did notice about the book Feed was the multiple references to various popular things, including works of literature such as T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland” (referenced in one of Shaun’s first blog posts) and of course in the names of all of the female characters (Georgia referencing George Romero and Buffy referencing Buffy the Vampire Slayer). There did seem to be a lot of these references. I did not find them overly intrusive or annoying until the same thing had been referenced multiple times. As some one who hadn’t known a lot of zombie writers or movie facts, I found the explanation of the references wonderful. I do understand how someone who has some knowledge of these zombie facts could find it rather annoying. I think that through the use of these references, Mira Grant is trying to bring in some of the “normal” of before the virus and reconnect the people to the world that had been lost.

Reading Feed and Fed

I actually really enjoyed reading Feed. I found it very different then any other book I have ever read. The use of blog writers as the main source of news was a new twist that I enjoyed. It seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to happen as more people turn to the Internet instead of paper for their news. Yes, there would be a lot of “fake news” and terrible biased and racist blogs, but there will always be those select few that, like Georgia, do their absolute best to report news as unbiased as possible.

I didn’t enjoy the alternate ending “Fed”. I found it to be believable up until (***SPOILERS***) Georgia’s suicide at the end. I felt that it was too stilted and forced, although I do think that it is what she may have done after the death of her brother. I think the original ending is much better suited to the story, although I am sad that Georgia dies.

This was my first time reading a book from this series and I definitely think I will continue on and read the rest of the series over the summer. I have heard certain things about the next couple books that make me intrigued to read them and see if they are as good as the first.

Last Woman on Earth?

If I was the last person on earth, I think I would enjoy taking all the time I wanted to read. I could find the comfiest couch and all the fluffiest blankets and pillows and curl up and read without having to worry about anything else. I think I would also enjoy going to stores and to parks and outdoor adventure areas.

However, I think I would quickly get very lonely, so although it sounds fun and something that would be great to do for a couple days or even a week, I think I would rather have people around. Even if it was only a small group, doing things with others is much more fun than doing it all alone.

More Readings!

I enjoyed reading I am Legend although I am inclined to agree with the majority of the class that the creatures in this novel are vampires more so than zombies. The creatures are repelled by garlic and religious symbols, and are scared of mirrors and sunlight as well. The movie version of I am Legend makes the creatures appear to be more ghoul or zombie-like but still keeps several of the vampire-like qualities from the novel.

Zombie was very creepy and thought provoking for me. The ambiguous ending allows for several different ideas: did he zap himself or not? Are the voices at the end his imagination? Did the voices truly travel around the world? I found the story exceptionally creepy as it seems like something that could feasibly happen. AEDs are becoming more and more popular and can be seen nearly everywhere, while the stress level and pressure put on kids is constantly rising.