Introducing myself!

So before I get too much more into my study of zombies, a little bit about myself!

I am a third year student at UNBSJ and am currently working on a BA/BEd concurrent degree majoring in English and minoring in Linguistics. I hope to go on to inspire a whole new generation of readers and encourage them to find books that inspire them.

I am in no way a zombie expert … in fact I have very little exposure to the zombie world. I have not watched or played many movies, tv shows, and video games … and the one I did I never finished (Admittedly I get bored with tv shows but I usually go back to them … no plans to go back to The Walking Dead anytime soon 😛 ). I also have not really read any books which involve zombies …. although I do look forward to reading the books this semester. As an avid reader, I am very interested in expanding my reading habits into this area, and cant wait to see what this semester brings!


What is a zombie?

Trying to identify what exactly a zombie is can be extremely tricky: so many different authors/game designers/artists have represented zombies in so many different ways that even within a media you can see significant differences. In my very limited exposure to zombies, I would define a zombie as a mindless, soulless creature that walks/stumbles around. They are vaguely human in shape, but I see them having a green or a blue-gray shade of skin. They rarely, if ever, eat and can survive without several or even all of their limbs. In order to kill them, you need to cut off their head.

I am sure that over this course I will expand this definition and may even entirely change it … only time will tell!