Reading Feed and Fed

I actually really enjoyed reading Feed. I found it very different then any other book I have ever read. The use of blog writers as the main source of news was a new twist that I enjoyed. It seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to happen as more people turn to the Internet instead of paper for their news. Yes, there would be a lot of “fake news” and terrible biased and racist blogs, but there will always be those select few that, like Georgia, do their absolute best to report news as unbiased as possible.

I didn’t enjoy the alternate ending “Fed”. I found it to be believable up until (***SPOILERS***) Georgia’s suicide at the end. I felt that it was too stilted and forced, although I do think that it is what she may have done after the death of her brother. I think the original ending is much better suited to the story, although I am sad that Georgia dies.

This was my first time reading a book from this series and I definitely think I will continue on and read the rest of the series over the summer. I have heard certain things about the next couple books that make me intrigued to read them and see if they are as good as the first.

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