Zone One Thoughts

I honestly did not finish this book. I found it extremely slow moving and boring in the beginning. I have heard that the third part of the book makes up for the rest, so maybe someday I will finish it.

I found the zombies or “stragglers” very different then my original idea of what zombies were. They didn’t attack until disturbed, so even if they had heard a sound they had not turned to it and tried to attack or get to it. The idea that they would stay and not eat each other in desperation to try and stay alive was also curious (although maybe I just didn’t read far enough into the book!).

I did enjoy the fact that, as the reader, you were clearly able to follow his path and where his memories were made. I did find an interactive map as well that made the whole journey a much more visual idea ( . I like to have visuals such as this because then it feels more realistic and I am able to place myself in the shoes of the characters easier.

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