Introducing myself!

So before I get too much more into my study of zombies, a little bit about myself!

I am a third year student at UNBSJ and am currently working on a BA/BEd concurrent degree majoring in English and minoring in Linguistics. I hope to go on to inspire a whole new generation of readers and encourage them to find books that inspire them.

I am in no way a zombie expert … in fact I have very little exposure to the zombie world. I have not watched or played many movies, tv shows, and video games … and the one I did I never finished (Admittedly I get bored with tv shows but I usually go back to them … no plans to go back to The Walking Dead anytime soon 😛 ). I also have not really read any books which involve zombies …. although I do look forward to reading the books this semester. As an avid reader, I am very interested in expanding my reading habits into this area, and cant wait to see what this semester brings!

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